Case Studies

We all know arranging a mortgage when contracting can be hard work, but don’t worry, we are here to help. Our team of Specialist Mortgage Brokers have a wealth of knowledge and experience assisting clients secure a mortgage.

Contractor with debt consolidation and home improvements

We were approached by a married couple in their 50’s who were looking to re-mortgage to consolidate a substantial amount of credit card debt incurred by financing their child’s university studies (circa £40k). They were also looking to raise additional capital to...

Purchase of New Home to Renovate

We were approached by a client who wished to purchase a new family home with his wife and 2 children. The property was on the market for £600k in North London. The client was aware that the property was very dated and in need of extensive modernisation. Applicant one...

Second Home Re-mortgage

A client approached us looking to re-finance his second home. He was looking for a like for like re-mortgage on a 80% loan to value. The client has a strong income as an IT Contractor however due to having two mortgages and a number of financial commitments he...


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